When I first thought of how I was going to store the many text options my first idea was using an XML file to store not only the text. After diving in and looking at a lot of tutorials online, I figured out a way to store everything. The plan for right now is to have an XML file for each scenario that comes with a series of scripts. Each branch is going to have options that the player can select through the objects in the scene. Selecting one of the options will change the scene they are currently in. The best part is, there doesn’t need to be any adjustment to the code for each scene. They select an object which puts an ID in, the script goes through the current scene and looks for that id, and goes to the next branch, changing any variables that are needed.

There need to be a few scripts for each of the XML Files but I believe I’ll find a way to store them more efficiently than what I have right now. The scripts just take the XML file and convert the variables to usable ones using XMLSerialization.

I got a prototype working that changes the text of a UI element depending on the branch the user is in, and what object they click on. Over the week I will assign more variables in the XML file such as points and hopefully I’ll find a way to store audio identifiers to be able to play them after selecting an object.