Prototype Video Link: For the prototype, we created a simple Unity Game on Android. The game created involved rendering a 360 video within Unity and presenting the user with a question and a set of options to pick from. In this video, we created a simple scenario, asking a player to buy a 2 liter bottle […]

The MPU6050 6DOF gyroscope and accelerometer is used to monitor student motion. We want to measure the student’s angular position as a function of time to measure their engagement. A gyroscope measures angular velocity (not position). In order to measure angular position, it is necessary to integrate the angular velocity by summing up the difference […]

Beside the player’s selection choice, we also want to provide the player’s reaction time to the instructor. My task was to display a timer during the game (in second). Every time  choose a selection, then the timer will restart at 0 and counting up. I was able to display a message Time: and the amount […]

At the end of the game, a file contains for of the player’s selections will be provide to the professor. There are server ways to create a file in C# within Unity, I used  the StreamWriter and FileInfo to be the components for this task. I created a C# with public class name: Tracking. Within […]

The literature and patent review have been posted as new pages on this page. In case you do not see them, on the search bar please type patent review or else and it will take you to the page. If you have any further questions, please contact us.

In order to create the best possible scenario for the Mason LIFE program, we decided to have the setting be at the grocery store Giant, on Braddock rd. This one was specifically chosen because it is commonly frequented by the students of the Mason LIFE program, and thus would provide a sense of familiarity as […]

We met with Mr. Mclean briefly to schedule an appointment with him where we could get tutorials on how to record and edit the footage we recorded. We were able to receive the 360 camera  to start recording some sample footage to see how to work with it. To get some more insight we schedule […]

In our follow-up meeting with Mr. McLean about 360-degree video, we were able to go into more detail about the exact steps needed in order to correctly use the footage. First, he showed us briefly how to make sure the settings on the camera itself were setup correctly for the type of video footage we […]

Final Literature Review This is our final literature review draft. In this we discuss research that we have done on how virtual reality can work with education and with those with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) and those specifically with autism. There were a couple studies based on research about how virtual reality headsets can improve […]

When I first thought of how I was going to store the many text options my first idea was using an XML file to store not only the text. After diving in and looking at a lot of tutorials online, I figured out a way to store everything. The plan for right now is to […]

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