Today we tested three different types of virtual reality (VR) headsets with a select few students from the Mason LIFE program These three students were chosen from Mason LIFE administration based on who they think could understand and use VR comfortably. We tested each student with the Google Daydream, the HTC Vive, and the Oculus […]

We have obtained permission to take 3 Mason LIFE students + Mason LIFE Staff member to try out some different VR headsets this Friday, October 19 and try some of the built-in tutorials. Their feedback will help us decide which one to pick, as well as confirm students are able to comfortably use VR. Some […]

The proposal submitted on October 12, 2018 is below: 10.12.2018 – Mason LIFE VR Project Proposal

Project Proposal This is our current proposal. In here we describe our purpose and reasoning behind what we’re doing. As well as a technical explanation of how we are going to implement this application.