In our follow-up meeting with Mr. McLean about 360-degree video, we were able to go into more detail about the exact steps needed in order to correctly use the footage. First, he showed us briefly how to make sure the settings on the camera itself were setup correctly for the type of video footage we will be taking. We then saw a brief example on how to take the footage through the app that corresponds to the camera so that the footage can be taken while you stand in a different room so you will not be in any angle of the shot. Then we downloaded the correct software so that we could use the footage from the camera. The next step that Mr. McLean showed us was how to upload the footage correctly through the software downloaded so that it stays in 360-degree formatting. Then we had to use other software in order to stitch the footage into the 360-degree footage that is understandable to the human eye. Finally, Mr. McClean gave us a couple of tutorials to do on our own so we can understand the advanced editing that we may need if we go further than simply just using the clips we take from the camera. Mr. Mclean also noted that if we have any other questions as we go on with the project, we can schedule another meeting with him to help us, as well as use resources from any of the software or websites he provided to us.