Using a code baseline that Caitlin provided, I added more functionality. She experienced issues of the model moving in strange directions when attempting to move. I fixed this by giving the model gravity and locking its y-position.

By using a random number generator, I created a script that makes the character model walk in random directions until the user hovers over the model with the controller. When they do, the model will look at the camera and wave after a brief delay. I was experiencing problems with both of these scripts where things were updating weird and it was inconsistent. I solved this issue by using separate functions instead of the Update() function.

By fixing the problem with the model moving in strange directions, I was also able to make the function where the model walks to the play work. By using Cooperative functions, I was able to make the model wait until it was in it’s walking state before it started to move to the player so that the animation is playing while the model moves.